Time vs Money

Benjamin Franklin has quoted ‘Time is money’. Most of the industrial nations follow this adage religiously. But is time really equivalent to money? The answer is a straight NO. Time is in fact more valuable than money.

Time is the most valuable resource with us. You can do nothing without time. Life is made up of time. Wasting your time is wasting your life. Spending your time is spending your life. Enjoying your time is enjoying your life. You can earn back money but not time. You can save money but not time. Time is the resource so readily available to us still we take it for granted despite knowing how valuable it is. It is the most wasted resource.

Time discriminates no one. Rich or poor, black or white, educated or illiterate, we all have the same number of hours per day. Money can be inherited but time can’t be. Unlike money time can’t be saved for the future. No man can pass over the time to his heir. Money can be multiplied, it can be grown but time can’t be. All you can do with the time is use it. And how you use it shapes your life. You can afford to be reckless with your money but not with your time.

Channelise your time to the areas of your life which are relevant. It is not wise to squander your time on meaningless deeds. Spend time with your family. Your parents, your spouse, your children need your time and attention rather than the gifts you buy for them. More important than what you provide for them is your time and attention. Be in present. Give this present(time) to them – perhaps that’s why it is called present. You are busy being successful. You are spending time to make a living. But you are forgetting that your parents are growing old. They are moving to their near ends with each passing day. Your kids are growing up. You are missing on so many valuable moments. Stop being slave to the clock and start living in the moment.

Savour each moment. Don’t miss out on things which are more valuable for the sake of rate race. Play chess with your dad, talk to your mom, watch cartoons with your kids, help your wife in the kitchen, read a book, give yourself ‘me’ time.

The best use of time is living in the present moment. Dreading over the past or worrying about the future won’t make any positive impact on your life rather it would deprive you of joy and tranquillity of the present. If you learn to live in the present you learn to use the best utilisation of your time. Of course planning is very important but this doesn’t mean you stop living in the present.

In order to juggle with all the responsibilities the best way is to plan and organize your time in such a way that you are able to meet all your obligations on time. Set deadlines to all your tasks, don’t get over involved in any single task that you run over the other. Assign fix hours to your work, personal care, family time, sleep, etc. Try to set a good but not so rigid routine. Do your daily tasks at the same time every single day. Habits have a lot of power.

Time boxing technique is especially helpful to the people who struggle with time management. It is a technique where you fix a start and end time to each of your task. This is also known as time budgeting. It’ll save you from a lot of chaos and your day will pass by pretty smooth.

Money could never be as valuable as time. What use is of money if there is no time to spend it. You earn money to live a better life but are you fulfilling the very motive behind it? Ask this question every hour of the day. It’ll motivate you to manoeuvre your time, energy and money in the right direction.

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