Self Help

The Power Of Self Discipline

Everybody wants to achieve success. Be it in studies, work, a craft, business, sports or anything to name. No matter what we do we want best out of it. It doesn’t matter what we actually achieve but we want to get the best possible outcome out of whatever we do. Yet not all of us are able to achieve the desired outcome. Why is it so? It is because we lack self discipline. Maybe we have passion for the task we do but over the time passion fades away bit by bit. Then it is only self discipline that keeps it going.

There is a difference between discipline and self discipline. As the name itself implies that self discipline is all about disciplining oneself without any exterior push. Self discipline is indeed much difficult to follow than discipline. It requires tremendous amount of willpower on a daily basis. It is always demanding and cumbersome. Through self discipline you gain power to control yourself – your emotions, your actions, your thoughts, your body, your ability to get over the distractions. It’s like a muscle – the more you work upon it the stronger it becomes. If you can discipline yourself you are able to do literally anything you want. It gives you the power to govern yourself. You start administering your body and mind rather than the other way around. It frees you from taking impulsive actions which could be catastrophic in nature. Once you master this you are equipped with the ability to curb your impulse and take decisions rationally.

In order to attain knack for self discipline rigorous and consistent practice is needed. It’s not something you could inculcate in your personality within a few days or rather a few months. It is a life long practice. Though in the beginning it will be arduous but gradually as you keep on going it gets effortless. Once it becomes your habit you don’t feel much mental and physical strain. Habit is a wonderful thing. It makes even the most difficult actions easier. Our mind is slave to the habits we develop be it good or bad.

There is nothing impossible. Hard or easy, possible or impossible, etc is just an illusion. Easy for somebody is difficult for somebody else. We are indeed much stronger than our fears and much greater than our own limits. It is all in the head. The body and the mind can be trained for any purpose. Mental ailments like lethargy, insomnia, even depression and writer’s block could be healed through persistent practice of self discipline. It is the game of emotions. Self discipline is all about learning to manage your emotions. Create right emotions at the right time and replace it with the wrong ones. There is no emotion which is uncontrollable. If you are a sentimental man you won’t be able to accomplish as much as your potential. Negative emotions are detrimental to the development and growth of a human being’s personality. If one has to grow he has to stop being impulsive and start being rational.

Set a clear goal, work upon it vehemently whether you feel like it or not. No matter how long it may take but success is inevitable if you continue to stride in the best possible manner. Push your limits harder. You can’t obtain anything better if you don’t train your mind to listen to you.

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