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Willpower – The Strength Lies Within You

Willpower is a virtue which can take you from the bottom to the top. But the problem with willpower is that it is quite tough to apply. Indeed it is difficult but not impossible to inculcate in your personality. Even if you have zero amount of willpower you can develop it bit by bit. It is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets.

Why to build or have willpower?

Everybody wants to achieve something or the other. Be it losing weight, score well in examinations, increase in sales figure, or even completing a routine day to day task. Everything you do requires efforts. The things you enjoy doing seems effortless like watching T.V, playing video games or something else. Many of the things you enjoy give you no value or return. But there are things which give out returns and are enjoyable too because you are passionate about them. So if you are passionate about doing something valuable requires no or little willpower right? No. Because passion fades away sooner or later. Passion, in most cases, is ephemeral. If you want to continue what you enjoy it will require willpower because eventually your mind will stop enjoying it and you’ll face a block. It is then willpower comes in to play.

To achieve something you need to persevere it continuously and this requires willpower. No matter how hard it gets going if your willpower is strong you can scale any height. Whether your task is boring and dull but if it is important you have to perform it and this will require tremendous amount of willpower. Hence, for success you need willpower. The hardest thing to do is to begin something especially if you dislike it and this requires self control and willpower.

Who requires willpower?

It is a dirty word loathed by many who are unmotivated, lazy and timid. It is very hard to change habits which are learnt at an early age especially before 5 years of age because that’s the period when our brains are wired. Let’s say if a kid is chronically late all the time it is inevitable that he will be very tardy growing up. Habits, whether good or bad, learned at an early age have a life long impact on us. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get a disciplined upbringing. For those it is easy to live a disciplined life who were taught this virtue at a very early age by their parents or guardians. But most of us are not brought up that way. There is no other way (easy way) to achieve success and you have to give what it takes to be successful. Willpower helps you to do so if you too are wired in a wrong way. It will re-form your brain wiring which is not an easy task at all but with willpower it is possible.

If you are among those who are willing to do but can’t take action then willpower is the remedy for you. When there is a will there is a way is an old adage to rely upon.

How to develop willpower?

We all perform actions which we don’t like in our daily lives. So more or less we are practising willpower on a daily basis but we do it for only simple tasks. Everyone has some degree of willpower already instilled. But this amount of willpower is not sufficient for something bigger in nature. Yes we all know how to walk but that doesn’t qualify us to win a marathon. In order to achieve such feat we’ll require a lot practice consistently. In the same manner we will require to build up our willpower too. You won’t start running 10 miles on the very first day of your training, similarly you can’t afford to strain yourself too much to develop willpower in the initial stage. It is a slow and steady process. You need to develop it one bit at a time. Start small and gradually raise the bar. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just keep on practising your will power everyday whether you like it or not. Keep on pushing your limits. Remember that willpower will get exhausted easily in the early stage but as you keep on moving forward your willpower reservoir will increase too. It will take a lot of time and pain but you have no other option if you really want to reap sweet fruits. It is at this stage losers and winners are decided. Those who quit will be spared from the pain of the work but will be engulfed with the pain of regret and the pain of regret is always much worse than the pain of efforts.

A life long process.

Willpower can be depleted and come down to zero again if not practised over time. Just like if you stop gyming after developing a well toned body it will start going back to its previous shape or even worse. Willpower works the same way. You need to keep on working upon this. It will be severely tough in the beginning but as you go along it will become easier and easier. All you have to do is not to stop. If you do so it will grow upon you like cobwebs and eventually will be very difficult for you to start all over again. Don’t ever dare to weaken your willpower by not practising it. Always think about the rewards it gives you. Its benefits will keep you motivated. Willpower is an asset to keep not a liability to get rid off. Carrying this on will give you results and shunning it will only deprive you of the things you always craved to earn. Talent or passion alone can’t take you to the highest degree but willpower can. It gives you strength to do things, to move on, to carry on whether you feel like it or not. Success comes to only those who persevere. Quitting is never an option and never should be. Don’t give up rather learn to enjoy the process. Instead of having a painful and negative attitude try to change your perspective about willpower. Look at it as something amusing, something which is challenging and has its own thrill. Doing things which you hate, challenging your own limits, raising the bar for yourself, doing something different have their own excitement. Learn to enjoy while toiling. Happiness is not the end result but the process.

Do you want to do something but don’t have enough motivation and courage? Just do it. Whether you are giving your 100% or not but still do it and keep on doing it until you overcome your hurdles. Action makes the task much more doable than thinking about the same task. Your amount of willpower is the measure of your expertise and success.

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