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Why I Don’t Fit In A 9 To 5 Job

Offices are like dungeons for most of the white collar job holders. Admit it no matter how much you “try to love” your job you can’t. Apparently you all wait for the weekend. Only a few among us actually fit in what we do. Rest of us are stuck here either due to hopping on the bandwagon or due to family and society’s pressure – the pressure to make a living with a reputed job in a reputed organisation. We all somehow know that we are not made for this however we have adapted ourselves to this so well that we don’t feel it like a trouble anymore.

My work experience in some of the companies I worked for was extremely boring. Though I wasn’t a bad employee at all but I always knew that I wasn’t giving my 100% to my work. There were indeed some days when I was super motivated and therefore worked overtime with all my heart even without being paid for the extra time I worked and I wasn’t even bothered about it. My boss used to acknowledge me as a hard working and dedicated employee and indeed the most promising one too. All my employers trusted me blindly but I never took advantage of this. My total office working tenure lasted for around 3 years though not in continuation. I worked for no more than a year in any of the organisation.

Why i worked in those cells in the first place? It was because of the money – as obvious as that. If it wasn’t money I wouldn’t get involved in them ever. It neither is nor ever was any of my business. And then one day I had this epiphany that I could no longer go on like this anymore. They make you work hard and pay you only a fraction of what you actually deserve for your knowledge and labor. I was done with this persecution. I never had imagined my life to go on like that. So I left the job(yes I really did).

I am still single and no family to sustain. I had no one to be accountable to so it wasn’t that onerous as it could be to a married man with kids. It felt inconvenient for some days in the beginning but later on it was all over. Now it feels like I have been released out of the prison. It gives me a sense of freedom like a bird has been freed from its cage to fly in the open sky.

How I make my living is not the important question but do I enjoy what I do is indeed worth answering. Yes I am happy with what I do to make my living. It is definitely not a 9 to 5 job which implies no more office politics, no more rigid hours, no more fixed income, no more obeying the boss, no one tells me what and how to do. I am the captain of my own ship and I am the one who steers it. Because I love what I do, fortunately, I am making much more money than I could ever imagine with those office jobs I had and on top of that with dignity.

Why it is not desirable for me to work in an office is a very relevant question to retort. I am not always the most productive during that 9 to 5 time frame. It is not necessary that we could be at the peak of our productivity and imagination at only those hours. I used to feel like shackled to my desk for those particular hours. If you wait for the time up and weekends your professional life sucks. In that case you can’t be very successful and attend the height of your potential. There is no point in living such life if you are spending it on the grounds of mediocrity. I thought it better to stop before it overpowers me to the point when I could no more break its chains.

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