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Emotional Management Is The Key To Happiness

There are the times when you feel low and there are the times when you are in ecstasy. The external environment causes changes to our mood. Our brain is wired to respond to the external stimuli. How we feel is mostly decided by our surroundings. But what about the internal environment?? The state of our mind?

Our brain can be trained to change the mood without being dependent on the external factors. Remember the word being used here is ‘trained’. Training requires persistent hardwork and practice. If the mind is trained to not to respond impulsively and rather be rational then our mood can be tamed. The people who have command on their moods are the ones who are successful and happy. The mind should be our slave rather than the other way around.

If you are able to manage your emotions you are able to control your life. No matter how bad the situation gets you will never let your negative emotions and negative thoughts overpower you. You will be able to control your temperament and thus would be able to avert a lot of catastrophic repercussions.

Emotional management could be very frustrating at times because it requires a lot of self control and being in control all the time is indeed a daunting task. When you see everybody around you acting intuitively you too are tempted to do the same. Your mind will say, “Why are you being a fool? If they are not rational you shouldn’t be either.” But that’s the time when you need to be extremely abstemious. When situation gets out of control and the impulse runs through you intemperately all you need to do is relax your breathing rate. You can’t get angry when you are breathing slowly. In order to be mad your breathing rate has to be high. So the next time your temper gets bad either stop breathing for a few seconds or breath slowly. This is not a trick but a scientific solution.

Controlling your emotions for a long time develops into a habit overtime. This habit will offer you a peaceful, contended and happy life. Such a kind of life is the key to good physical, mental and emotional health and well being. When your emotions are in order everything falls into places automatically. Arbitrary actions, on the other hand, are the paths to destruction. This has already caused a lot of harm and chaos to this once very beautiful and calm world. Man being the slave to his emotions destroys others around him as well as himself too.

Once a child asked a wise old man, “Who lives inside us?”. The old man replied, “A bad bull and a good bull”. The child asked, “Who is stronger?”. The old man said, “The one you feed more”.

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