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Comparing Yourself To The Others Is A Sin

I used to regret a lot in my past for not having what others had, for not being what others became, for not achieving what others close to me did. This regret haunted me day and night. It was the reason for those countless sleepless nights. Those tossings and turnings tormented me for hours on end. It is said that pain of regret is worse than the pain of hard work. This adage made me feel like I wish I had worked a little harder. But lack hard work was never the actual reason for my unfulfilled dreams. I had put a lot of efforts in my past. So much that I became a misanthrope. The only thing on my mind was just work and more work. I never minded working overtime even without being paid. Work was my solace. The only time I used to feel worthy and productive was when I was working.

Years passed by and it felt like where the time went away. Those years didn’t yield me as per my expectations. The input exceeded way more than the actual output I procured. This was a big disappointment. So many years and so much of hard work yet the result wasn’t satisfactory. I was eager to know the actual reason behind this and tried hard to get my answer. But all in vain. Day in and day out I’d just wonder what might be wrong. I was certain I had left no stone unturned. I was wondering how come others became achievers though they were not so competitive and I, on the other hand, was lagging behind despite being so honest and smart working.

After years of contemplation I had this epiphany that my time hasn’t come yet. It was in my hand to work hard and put in the best of my efforts but the ultimate outcome could never be under my control. All you can do is work upon excellence, the success will follow when the right time comes. Keep on hustling, keep on working smart, keep on giving your best and what is due to you will reach you. For some people it reaches faster than the others. That’s how life works. Your chapters are different than the others so it would be a sheer lunacy to compare your life with others.

Comparison always results in jealousy, regret, self-abasement and humiliation. It is a fact that many people get what they don’t deserve, not just once or twice but over and over. As per Bill Gates,”life is unfair, deal with it”. Yes indeed it is and we have to deal with it. Deal with the fact that deserving people have to work harder and longer than their counterparts. Sounds awkward but is true. Though sometimes the success could knock your door earlier than your expectation but it is not always the case.

This world is suffused with the examples of late bloomers. Not all the successful people tasted the fruit of their diligence in short period. Most of them had years of patience to reach to their ultimate goal. The average people gets average amount of success. To achieve something big requires willingness to endure. If your aim is noble know that it will require a long term endurance to achieve it.

Your classmates, your coeval cousins and friends, your colleagues, etc might get ahead of you in the race of life but don’t be despondent because your time hasn’t come yet. It’s their time so let them rejoice. They might look down upon you but it shouldn’t perturb you. Be a hustler and keep on paving your way. Be comfortable in your own skin. If their opinions agitate you and make you feel low then you are punishing yourself for no reason. What people think about you is none of your business. You have your own purpose for existence and if you take the course of other’s path then you’ll lose your own purpose. Remember that we all have our own purpose and if we are not fulfilling the purpose then we are bound to divagate.

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