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Changing Definition Of Success

Two centuries ago people were not so concerned about being successful. All their concern was limited to food, water and house. This limited and menial aim was the reason behind a less stressful life. Nobody used to think about making a successful career or having a lot of material possessions. Life was fulfilling and very simple. Then came the Industrial Age. The Industrial Revolution changed the perception of people about life. Now the life was more about winning than living.

The modern world brought inventions after inventions at a very rapid rate but with a cost. Human relations started getting deteriorated. Money and material possession are now more important than emotions. Those who have rich pockets are valued more than those with rich hearts. Friendship has become a business. It is less about emotional connection and more about business connection.

The definition of success has changed over the course of time. Material prosperity has become synonym to success. Talent, happiness, satisfaction,etc are no more parameters to measure success but money and power are. Even if the material gain isn’t benefiting you still it is thought of as success. You feel incomplete without money. A super talented artist isn’t considered successful unless he earns fortune with his talent. Money has now become the benchmark for success. The richer you are the more successful you are known to be.

So is monetary gain the true success? Apparently yes if you look from the perspective of today’s world. But if you look from the eyes of your insight you’ll know that true success doesn’t lie in money but happiness and satisfaction. Sounds ridiculous right? But the fact is that if you are not happy and satisfied at the end of the day your materialistic possessions won’t matter much to you. They all will seem to be pointless. When you are able to sleep with peace because of giving your level best performance for the day that’s the real success.

Instead if running after money it’s better to run after making a difference no matter how small it be. If people are benefiting with your efforts then it’s worth doing. Money can be earned through corruption and dishonesty too but satisfaction and peace is received only when you do something good for others.

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