Self Help

The Confused Mind

How can you even expect to create something with a confused mind? Could you ever make something you are not sure about? It’s hard to focus when you are in the state of confusion.

Though your mind is the most powerful thing in this universe it is the most destructive too at the same time. You cannot pretend to not be responsible for your outcome. What you think you create. That’s called Law Of Attraction. The more you think about something the more closer you get to it. Thoughts manifest into reality.

The way you think the way you act. Your subconscious mind always make you do what you think. Try to be positive all the time. Try to think positive even if you don’t feel like it. The way you think the way you feel and the way you feel the way you act. Most of the times we don’t need to make an effort to do what our subconscious says to us.

Our mind has different areas like anger, sadness, happiness, enthusiasm etc. And then there is thought. When you make your mind think the certain area lits up. If you think happy thoughts the happiness area will lit up. If you think sad thoughts the sadness area will lit up. It’s upto you what you think. Your mind is under your control. If it is not under your control it means you made a habit of thoughts freely flowing in and out of your mind without your permission.

Thinking positive thoughts make the positive areas of our mind stronger and vice versa. Whatever you think has an impact on your life so it is better to exercise only the positive areas of your mind. Thoughts are seeds and actions are the shoots. Shoots depend upon the variety and quality of the seed it is growing out from.

It is better to have a consistent mindset than a chaotic one. Think about a good idea, think about it regularly. Do it over and over everyday and you’ll see the results in the long run. If you keep on thinking about being fit and healthy your body will act automatically and if you continue doing it regularly sooner or later you’ll achieve what you have set your mind to.

Thoughts are real. Never dare to take thoughts for granted. Even a single thought can make a difference. Whatever human beings have created it has all begun with just a thought. Whoever is experienced about this knows how to use thoughts. There is a great deal of power hidden under thoughts so beware of what you think.

You can be whatever you want and whenever you want. It is never too late. Make your mind powerful enough and your body will follow. Those who quit are much worse than those who fail. Keep your thoughts intact. Believe in yourself and you are bound to make it real. Consistent thoughts and strong efforts will take you to the heights you had never even imagined.

Adversities will befall upon you but you can’t afford to give up. If you believe in something you can make it real too even if the whole world is against you and mocks you. If you listen to them you will be a victim to their judgements and in this way you’ll prove them right. Don’t let yourself be the puppet of other’s opinions. If your idea is good and wise then back it with strong belief. Your wishes, your desires, your dreams are unfulfilled because you never gave it enough pounding. Do what it takes to make it real. Close your ears and listen to your mind and your soul.

A confused mind is your enemy. It silently kills your vision without being proven guilty. You never blame your confused mind. Make it a habit to be certain about whatever you think. Remember visions don’t create reality but strong visions do. Strengthen your vision. Confusion weakens it. It is an ailment, the greatest impediment in your road to success.

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