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The Secret To Happiness

Whatever your endeavours are, the ultimate aim of them is happiness. We study hard to get good score so that we could enter a good college to get a lucrative job placement to earn well in order to have a happy life for ourselves as well as for the people tied to us. Think about anything you do in your life and you’ll find that you do so in order to have some sort of happiness and satisfaction out of it. What makes us happy varies from person to person.

If you are of the opinion that money and material possessions will give you lasting happiness then you are completely wrong. The satisfaction and utility we get from material possessions is ephemeral. Whatever you buy you get fed up with it sooner or later and then you start wanting more or something new. And then comes a point when money no longer satisfies you. This saturation point will make you restless enough to find a new alternative to make you happy. Happiness is addictive. Nobody is addicted to marijuana or social media but with the happiness its usage gives, though it is short lived and harmful in the long run.

Where most of the people go wrong is they try to find happiness in the outcome whereas it lies in the process. A studious student remains agitated throughout his study period so that he could score well and be happy in the end. But what if he learns to enjoy the process without thinking and worrying much about the outcome? This way he will remain happy throughout his journey. Learn to enjoy the process, the ‘in making’ period and you’ll never procrastinate and hesitate to put in the hard work. Make the mountain climbing more joyous than reaching the summit. No matter how hard it is you can always find happiness in pain too. Don’t wait for happiness but rather create it. It’s all in the head. The situation remains the same but attitude differs. The same boiling water which makes an egg hard also makes a potato soft. Think about the brighter side. Your positivity gives you the courage. If achievements were the only cause of happiness why would successful and powerful people would suffer depression and some would even succumb to suicide?

Eternal satisfaction and bliss comes to you by fulfilling your duties with complete honesty. Good karma gives you good returns. What goes around comes around remember? Give out good to this world, this universe and good things will automatically come back to you in a magical way. It takes time but remember the trees which take long time to grow bear the sweetest fruits. Just keep on doing your duties with all your heart and at the end of the day you’ll be able to sleep peacefully. Good deeds make us feel good and this trait is engrained in us since birth. So next time you want to feel better make others happy no matter how menial your contribution be in doing so.

2 thoughts on “The Secret To Happiness”

  1. Hey nice post!

    YES! Love how you say that it lies in the process! Agreed!

    I think its also important to stop TRYING to be happy. Long lasting happiness and fulfillment doesn’t come achieving x or doing x. But rather from appreciating the journey and appreciating the negative emotions that come with it as well.

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading from you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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