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Learn To Embrace Pain

Fear of pain is engrained in every living being. This fear is necessary as it helps to keep us safe from danger. This fear of pain is responsible for saving our life from myriad perils like height, fire, sharp objects, toxic things, etc. If we were not afraid of pain we’d indulge in utter stupidity and harm ourselves again and again in some or the other way.

Pain could be classified into two types i.e. the one which takes us down and the one which elevates us up. We are afraid of both the pains in the same way. We fear the destructive pain because it harms us. On the other hand constructive pain is worth suffering because it advances us up. Constructive pain unlike destructive pain is for our own betterment.

The problem with human beings is that we don’t want to suffer pain – neither destructive nor constructive. We don’t want to come out of our comfort zone because it is painful to do so. Most of the people take pain only to achieve a certain benchmark and then they stop. Their set benchmark when achieved becomes their comfort zone. They don’t want to take further risks. They fear that if they take any further risk they might lose what they have already made so far. This fear halts them from moving ahead. Pushing the limits is indeed painful. Your ability to fight against the fear of pain decides how successful you will become in life. World records would never break over and over if people had thought ‘this is it.’

No pain no gain is such an underrated adage. This proverb, if taken seriously, can change your life to a great extent. Constructive pain is imperative to achieve success. Those who don’t embrace this pain with all their hearts won’t be able to to achieve anything in life.

The next time you are afraid of taking pain remember this proverb “pain of regret is much worse than the pain of hardwork.” Push your limits. Set the bar high everytime you get used to your current level. The greater the magnitude of your efforts the greater the chances of success. Comfort zone will give you short term pleasure while extra push will give you lasting happiness.

Whenever you are afraid of pain keep this in mind that this fear of the pain and the pain itself is short lived. The more you practise the easier it gets. When it becomes easier then raise the bar a bit and again practise until it becomes easy too. Keep on raising the bar and get better and better. This is the simple formula for success. This is how your efforts get compounded over the course of time and what once was just a seed now will become a full grown tree.

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