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Is Expectation To Be Blamed?

Expectation is the mother of all sorrows. If you don’t expect you could be happy most of the times. But how could a human not have any expectations? Is it even possible for a human mind to have no expectation at all? Certainly not.

Conclusively expectations are inevitable. No matter how much you try not having expectations still you would be disappointed with your expectation of not having any expectation.

How on earth would mankind be able to achieve what he has achieved until now if there were no expectations? What if Thomas Alva Edison hadn’t expected to make an electric bulb even after failing a thousand times? How would have science, commerce and art evolved so much?

Expectations are healthy as well as unhealthy. Healthy expectations are those which we have from ourselves. Unhealthy ones are those which we have from the others. You should always expect the best out of your efforts but don’t make the mistake to do the same with others. People are unpredictable. Don’t be judgemental when they don’t fit in your expectations.

To make the things go right for you don’t have high expectations from the others but don’t have low expectations from yourself too. Failure is a part of success and it is unavoidable. Don’t lose hope. Never weaken the belief in yourself. Keep the expectations high from yourself no matter what the world says. No matter how hard it gets the outcome is entirely upto you. Every time you fulfil your own expectations you gain more and more confidence.

Thoughts are expectations too. When you expect something you are generating a thought. A thought is a matter. Positive thoughts manifest into positive results and vice versa. No matter how hard you try you can’t stop thinking at least during your waking hours. When you have no choice but to think then why not to think positively. We become what we think of ourselves. It means we become what we expect from ourselves. So choose your expectations wisely.

Expectations from the others could hurt you again and again. It is stupidity to have expectations from those whom you can’t trust. Even the trustworthy might not fulfil your expectations. Human beings are complex creatures. They all have their own motives, desires, outlook and emotions. You can’t predict the other human being but only yourself. If they don’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean they are untrustworthy or bad at heart. No one has right to judge the other. There is only one whom you can trust completely and that’s you yourself.

So learn to be at peace with others and more importantly with yourself. If you don’t want disappointments then follow this rule – give your best shot and leave the rest in the hands of the Almighty. You may or may not get the fruit in the near future but it will definitely give you self satisfaction for trying your best.

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