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Watch Out On What You Feed Your Mind

Everybody these days is obsessed with their diet and fitness plans. If you are fat you are searching diet plans to lose weight and vice versa. The internet is filled with material about what to eat and what not. The diet apps, the calories counting apps, the fitness and diet habits, etc are thriving the internet but nobody is talking much about what to feed your mind which is way more important than what to feed your body.

What you feed your mind is thoughts. Just like food thoughts are healthy and unhealthy too. Just like food the unhealthy thoughts are more delicious and craving and healthy ones are not so good in taste. But we all know how bad is junk food to our health despite being so tempting. Same goes with junk thoughts.

The thoughts which are easy to think are mostly negative. The brain relishes in thinking negatively. It’s easy to defame and demotivate yourself and bash your self esteem. But in order to uplift your mood, your morals, your enthusiasm during adversities it requires work. A lot of work in fact. Our brain is lazy by default. It loves to think the negative thoughts because they require less effort to pop up. Make your brain hard working instead. Make it accustomed to think positively no matter how bad the external situation is

The way you think the way your body starts acting. Just thinking about something scary or creepy gives you goosebumps right? Though you are not experiencing it in reality but still just your thoughts could make you quiver. Now you can imagine the power of thoughts!

If you keep on feeding yourself good thoughts fighting against your negativity then very soon you’ll start experiencing positivity in your life. It’s all about the kind of energy you harness. You create your future, your life, your Destiny the way you think on a consistent basis. The way you think the way your life becomes.

Your thoughts aren’t influenced by only you but the others too. The way others perceive you, their outlook towards you, their conversations with you has a great impact on the way you think about yourself and your situations. Don’t let other’s negativity hamper your growth. If you give others the right to steer your life the way they want then you’ll end up reaching nowhere. Instead take the charge and steer your life solely yourself and take it to where you want.

Those who listen to others are often losers. The winners don’t listen to other’s negativity. They filter the information sent to them by the outside world. They know most of the information they are receiving constantly from the outside world is junk and only a few bits are worth consuming. What do you do with the junk? Discard them. In the same way throw away the negativity handed to you by the others. Keep only the ones which are helpful.

In order to feed your mind well first of all it’s better to avoid feeding it bad as much as possible. If your are feeding it both it will do you no good. Feed your mind fresh and healthy thoughts only. Read inspiring books, watch insipiring and full of positivity kinda movies, talk to wise people, learn good habits, behave well with others even if they don’t reciprocate, spend time with yourself thinking positive and inspiring thoughts. Remember you can’t afford to have even a single negative thought. As soon as it appears crush it. Learn to overpower your negativity. Just like a single loaf of stale bread can upset your tummy the same way a single negative thought can ruin your whole mood. One negative thought gives birth to the other and that’s how they keep multiplying.

If you want to avoid negativity stop talking to negative people, stop reading and watching bad news, avoid making bad habits, don’t listen to the bad and weakening advices, avoid drama and fights, stop making others controlling your life. Life is a gift. A received gift is not given to others to use it as per their wish.

When you learn to fight your negative thoughts which are often wrapped in attractive packages you are able to stride on the right path. It is much more important to do what is right then to do what it feels good. If you be the master of your thoughts you become the master of your fate too.

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