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Who Is The Happiest Man Alive?

I am sure we all know who is the richest man alive and we keep track of this often. We are so obsessed with wealth that we have forgotten the very purpose behind earning and collecting it. It is happiness. As humans we are wired by our society that money brings happiness. When you buy something out of your desire it gives you happiness right? Absolutely it does. So we have come to the preconceived notion that money gives happiness. To a certain extent it could be true.

But then a question arises in my mind and I am sure it does in yours too i.e. are all the rich people happy? Is the richest man on earth the happiest man too? If money is the currency to buy happiness then all the slum dwellers and beggars must be very sad and depressed. But as far as I know it’s not the beggars or slum dwellers who mostly suffer depression but the people from well to do backgrounds. If money was the sole reason for happiness no rich person would be suffering from mental health issues and they’d never resort to commit suicide. Depression and commitment of suicide is a common thing seen in first world countries. So is the case other way around? Certainly not.

Happiness and unhappiness are nothing but a state of mind. Our education system never teaches us how to be happy, how to be rich or how to be at peace with yourself and others. These are way more important lessons to be taught than ‘mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.’ We are imparted with education most of which is irrelevant and never gonna help us in life. That’s the first mistake done to us by our society. We are running after things which are irrelevant in the long run at least if not in the short run. There is no point in frowning over little things that won’t matter much or at all in the future.

To be happy or not to be happy is a choice. Yes it is. We choose it. It’s just a state of mind and mind can be trained to work as per our instructions. We own the mind not the other way around. So it must be governed by us. Unfortunately we give it too much freedom to overpower us. Train your mind to be happy no matter how bad the circumstances be. It is easy to be governed by it than governing it. Don’t choose the easy path but the right one.

People might tell you to not be happy and contented. They will provoke you directly or indirectly to be sad. Their best weapon is comparison. Comparison with others always fills us with sorrow. Rather the comparison should be with ourselves. Nobody can be your best competitor but you. Don’t listen to others. Most of them are not wise enough to give you the best of advices. First listen to yourself and always listen to your positive thoughts. Learn to give your best each and everyday. The key to ultimate satisfaction is to perform with the best of your ability.

The best piece of advice ever granted to me was ‘not to be slave of the mood.’ A bad mood ruins everything. It is the murderer of your happiness. Most of the times we are not in our best of the moods. If mood dominates you then you are never gonna accomplish what you set your eyes to. Learn to change your mood as much as possible. You can program your brain like the computer. For every second of your waking hour you can program your mind the way you want to. So instead of being told by your mind what to do tell it to do what you want.

Happiness is very subjective. If you are at peace with yourself, if you are surrounded by family and friends who truly love you, if you are working diligently on your dreams, if you are blessed with good health and sufficient wealth, if you are doing good to others then you are already richer and happier than 90% of the world. Happiness in its true sense is all about self satisfaction. If you chase happiness it will never come to you because happiness doesn’t lie in the end product but in the process of making that end product.

Broken expectations are the greatest cause for disappointments. Don’t expect much from the people but with yourself. If you learn to expect less you will judge less and frown less. Blame game is never gonna help you. Period. Take the charge and be responsible for the outcome rathet than expecting others to do something for you. Your success and failure depends totally upon yourself.

Thinking about the bad past and worrying about the future ain’t gonna help either. Be in present whether the present is bad or good. Being in the moment will always make you less stressed. Worst part of being distracted is that you ruin the beauty of the existing beautiful moments. Because of this even the happy times can’t give you happiness completely. There is no person who has ever fixed something by just worrying. Though it will certainly help to deteriorate your health over the time.

Be happy and grateful with whatever you have. Learn to stop comparing your life against other’s. Stop expecting from others. Be in present as much as you can. Work hard and push yourself up to become better version of yourself with each passing day. Do good to others without expecting anything in return. That’s how you are going to become the happiest man alive.

Well the answer to headline of this post is Matthieu Ricard. As per scientists of the world he is the happiest man alive.

Thanks for visiting my post. Feel free to express your views on this.

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