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Overcome The Writer’s Block

As per Stephen King there is no such thing as writer’s block. It’s merely the procrastination habit causing due to lack of self discipline. But somehow I can’t believe this. There is indeed something like writer’s block. Every writer on the planet faces it. I am not spared either. And I must admit this that no writer likes this phase. It is a kind of phase where you run out of words and ideas for a while.

During writer’s block it is easy to lose motivation. When you try your best but words don’t come out of your mind. You try hard to write but somehow couldn’t get into the flow, the mood, the aura.

This is tge problem I am talking about. But what about the solution? I don’t know many either but there is one which works the best and most effectively i.e. just start writing. No matter what you write but write it. Even if it’s silly and trash just keep your pen moving. Write whatever comes to your mind and continue doing so until you can’t carry on anymore. This will do you a big favor- it’ll get you into the flow.

Second best option is to choose a topic and write only outlines about it. Don’t force yourself to write the actual content. All you have to do is design the outlines. Outlines are open and you can add and delete as many as you can. Writing outlines doesn’t require you to arrange your words and sentences in a proper manner. All it requires is flowing out of the ideas on the paper.

Your brain is not procrastinating because it is afraid or hesitating to write but to write with perfection. Perfectionism is the root cause according to me for writer’s block. The better you want your content to appear the more you dilly dally it. When you write the ideas don’t care about flowing into a particular manner but when you wanna write with perfection your mind is afraid to put it in ordered way. This is the step where you go wrong. Ideas are not accustomed to occur in an organised manner. They are free flowing and so they tend to occur in a chaotic way. Don’t worry about the messy sentences and inappropriate words. Just pour them out and do the editing and decoration part later.

Self discipline can kill this bad habit. Write everyday for and on a particular time. In the beginning it might seem like a cumbersome work but as you progress it will become much easier than it was in the beginning. Habit is the best weapon against writer’s block. Just set a time in your schedule and do it. Do it everyday.

Feel free to drop in some more valuable suggestions in the comments. Thanks for visiting.

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