Hello there,
The aim of starting this blog is to share my insights and some personal stuffs with you all wonderful people. It is solely administered and run by me. It is very important for me to interact with like minded people. I haven’t used my real photograph and name for this page because I wanna be known for my ideas and perspective. Name, age, gender and face give some different kind of identity in contrast to the identity your mindset and outlook do.

What And Who Am I?

It is almost impossible to judge my personality type so I am not gonna use any Myers Briggs personality type for myself. To be honest I am an ambivert who loves like minded people but avoids to be around people most of the times.

I am open minded, independent, minimalist, easy going, talkative, somewhat lazy, smart working, enthusiastic and extremely honest.

I am very bad at working with teams. I prefer to work individually because I always prefer to do things in my own way rather than following a rigid protocol. When I am on my own I am super productive and energetic. I certainly have an obsession with time management which you could notice in my blog posts too.

I don’t like people who are self centered and selfish. I see this whole world as one big family and that’s why I am against boundaries and religion. No offence but they indeed divide people. The Almighty created land and we created boundaries. He created human beings and we created religion. Both of these things are the greatest cause of inhumanity in the history of this world.

My ultimate aim is to be happy and at peace in life. Whatever I do gives me joy and fulfilment. I avoid doing things which are not in alignment with my peace of mind and happiness. I love challenges and that’s the reason I prefer to push myself up a bit every passing day. If you do something which doesn’t make you happy in the long run then it’s not worth doing.

Hobbies and Interests
• I love to read and write. Gladly my profession involves a lot of reading and writing.
• Finding and watching sensible and well made movies is somewhat I cherish and I am proud of this too because my taste is different than most of the movie goers.
• I am a hardcore foodie but neither overweight nor skinny. Thanks to the good metabolism!
• Playing chess and sudoku gives me mental boost.
• Travelling is my passion. I am ever ready to spend my money on travelling than anything else.
• I am a sports enthusiast who loves fast paced sports like football and cycling. For me if an outdoor game doesn’t give you constant adrenaline rush it’s neither worth playing nor worth watching.
• My love for music is inborn. Well who doesn’t love music right??
• I like to research about core values and life skills over the internet in my leisure time. Strange but true. I do have very high morals and it certainly makes me a misfit in most of the places.
I hope to find some good people out here who share similar views though the unlike minded are acceptable too. People with pure heart are always my first preference. Thanks for taking out your valuable time to read about me.