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Hello everyone! The aim of this blog is to share my ideas and thoughts with the interested people and to help them cope up with the challenges and dilemmas they face in their life regarding various issues. It's like a personal journal open to the world. Feel free to communicate with me.

Self Help

The New Kinda To Do List

I am always obsessed with my to do list but I am equally an avid procrastinator too. No wonder I always end up half done on my to do list. And I am sure there are many who could relate with me. So what is the reason we are always not so committed to complete… Continue reading The New Kinda To Do List

Self Help

Why Time Boxing Is The Best Productivity Hack?

If you haven't heard of Pomodoro Technique then do read about it. It's a time budgeting technique in which you set a time limit for a particular task. When the time is up you abandon doing it whether the task is completed or not. After learning about time budgeting I found it extremely helpful to… Continue reading Why Time Boxing Is The Best Productivity Hack?

Self Help

The Aimless Life

Only those can understand the melancholy of an aimless life who go through it. Life without aim is like a ship sailing without a direction. It sails as per the winds. Wherever the wind takes it goes. Such a ship never reaches its destination because it doesn't have one. Aimless life is fatal for the… Continue reading The Aimless Life

Self Help

Overcome The Writer’s Block

As per Stephen King there is no such thing as writer's block. It's merely the procrastination habit causing due to lack of self discipline. But somehow I can't believe this. There is indeed something like writer's block. Every writer on the planet faces it. I am not spared either. And I must admit this that… Continue reading Overcome The Writer’s Block