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The New Kinda To Do List

I am always obsessed with my to do list but I am equally an avid procrastinator too. No wonder I always end up half done on my to do list. And I am sure there are many who could relate with me.

So what is the reason we are always not so committed to complete the tasks we plan to do? Lack of motivation? Lack of interest? Well they both are the most common reasons behind our undone to do lists.

In order to find the remedy I did an experiment. An awkward but effective experiment. Being a teacher I am always so obsessed with good marks and percentile. The better a student studies the better he scores. So I tried to apply this same to my performance everyday. I assigned marks to each of the task in the list as per their level of difficulty and importance. The tasks I complete are checked of and the tasks left undone are crossed off. Then at the end of the day I total the whole score and write it as denominator and the done tasks’ total score is written as numerator. This fraction is then converted into percentile.

This method has worked wonder for me. Every night I get to know my score. The harder I work the better score I get. Now I could correlate my efforts to my results. The list I make is of all the relevant tasks I should do everyday. I keep on adding new tasks as they come along during the course of the day. This method shows you how good or bad you have performed during the day. It gives a great sense of satisfaction.

I write the percentile at the end of the list and then I take out the average percentile of the week and the month. It helps me knowing how well I did during the past week or month. Now my productivity is enhanced and my interest too. I am not saying this is the best way to make your to do list but for some people it could work really well.

Assigning marks to the list gives you better sense of judgement. The whole day you feel like a student taking exam. You have limited time and you have to set priority on what questions/tasks to be done first, what is easy and what is difficult for you, what improves your score and what not, etc. Accomplishing the list becomes a game. This method has made my to do list more fun and amusing.

When you get to know your productivity in percentile you are able to judge your performance much better than the usual way. In the beginning it could be tough but if you continue to put more and efforts you would see improvement in your score day by day. According to me every to do lister should try this method even for the short run. Who knows if it works wonder for you too.

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