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The Aimless Life

Only those can understand the melancholy of an aimless life who go through it. Life without aim is like a ship sailing without a direction. It sails as per the winds. Wherever the wind takes it goes. Such a ship never reaches its destination because it doesn’t have one.

Aimless life is fatal for the happiness and satisfaction. Human brain releases ample amount of dopamine when it gets the feeling of accomplishing something worthwhile. Now the word ‘worthwhile’ is important to note. If you are not doing something worthwhile you don’t get that satisfaction you strive for constantly.

Most of us work hard in order to achieve what we want to but still we don’t feel happy. It’s because what we are striving for isn’t ‘worthwhile’ as per our own soul. Maybe you are successful banker or a lawyer or something which you as well as the society appreciates. But still you don’t feel fulfilled. There is always something missing out that you don’t know about. It’s the inner satisfaction. And why does this happen? Because you are not doing what you are meant to be. You are doing what your family, friends and society wants you to do. You have just accepted the paradigm thrown at you and you have convinced yourself that what you are doing is perfect.

In order to find out your ultimate purpose you need to free yourself from the shackles of your outer environment for some time. You need to indulge your self in deep pondering and ask yourself continuously who are you and what do you actually want. You’ll certainly find out the answer out of labyrinth at some point in a very unexpected way. Stop being part of the crowd and take the less chosen path.

It is most likely that what you are doing and how you are living is exactly what you never wanted. You might be successful now but chances are that this is not your ultimate purpose and thus you are restless from the inside. Maybe you do know what you want to do but still not doing because it’s not so glorious and lucrative. You are afraid that the world will think of you as a fool who gave up on green pastures for the sake of some barren land. Maybe to make that barren land fertile is your ultimate purpose.

The worst aspect of fulfilling your dream/aim is risk. Those who take risk are indeed the bravest of people. It’s not a child’s play to come out of your comfortzone and do what you are hesitant to do. Taking risk either results into success or lesson. It’s human nature to find the easy way out. But easy stuffs don’t let you achieve something big.

Make it your goal to find your purpose and if you have already then make it a goal to pursue and achieve the highest of its level. Stop living the average life. Stop being part of the crowd.

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