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Why I Use Pen And Paper Instead Of Computer and Smartphone?

Yes I do love my phone. I can’t imagine my life without my smartphone. No matter how hard I try to resist my temptation I can’t help it. But still when it comes to writing I still prefer pen and paper. Here are some points to elaborate why I still prefer pen and paper.

1. Unlimited Battery Life

The biggest issue I face when I rely on technology is the battery power. My smartphone has failed me a hundred times on this ground. Whenever I am travelling or I am out of my house or office for long hours I tend to save my battery from running out. If I use my phone for too much writing chances are I might face a battery shortage before I get the chance to charge it again.

Using a phone or laptop is feasible only when you are surrounded with power supplying resources all the time. There are power banks and car chargers when you are on the go but somehow they still don’t help every time. On the other hand a notebook and pen is always handy and you don’t need to worry about charging them all the time. My smartphone’s battery is saved otherwise for purposes like calling and listening to music. For writing things down I have my pen and paper ever ready to serve me.

2. Use Them Anywhere And Anytime

Pen and paper could be taken anytime and anywhere you want. There are no restrictions to take them while on the other hand there are for phone and computers. There are some specific areas where gadgets are not allowed or even if they are permissible then it requires to pay charges for example examination halls, museums, etc. There is no place in the world where a pen is not permissible as far as I know.

3. They Are More Handy Than Technology Could Ever Be

Many might disagree with me on this but this is absolutely true. You need no electronic device, no power, no internet to use them. Could you use your smartphone or computer as quickly as pen and paper to label the jars on the spot? Imagine you want to communicate with someone in front of or around you whose phone or computer isn’t accessible to you. What would you do in such a situation? The kids stuck in the Thai cave wrote handwritten letters to communicate with their parents and friends who were waiting to hear from them desperately. The places where technology can’t work pen and paper do the job reliably. Imagine you are fond of a girl but too hesitate to talk to her or ask for her number or anything to contact. What would you do? Just write a simple note on a piece of paper and handover to her either directly or indirectly. Remember good old days?

4. They Are Distraction Free

Though it is all about one’s self control ability but still using technology is a lot more distracting than using pen and paper. The perpetually occurring notifications, ringing od the phone, things popping up from nowhere all causes great distraction. Even if you turn off the notifications and ringing sounds still you are just a few taps or clicks away from checking your e-mails or Facebook for ‘just one second.’ Using pen and paper you can free yourself from all those distractions and could more easily concentrate on actual writing.

5. Paper Is Long Lasting Than The Technology

Of course technology is going to get more and more advanced at a very rapid rate. But paper is relatively easier and low maintaining to keep for the long term. Imagine you want your writings to be read by the people after 2 or 3 centuries or even more. What would you do? Keep it in your computer or write it on your blog or social media account? Do you really think they are going to stay forever? You can either take the print out on paper or simply write it by your hand and preserve the paper for the long run either in a time capsule or somewhere which is more protective and hazard free. That’s how we know about the history of our forefathers. You can’t imagine to store the information on a CD or flash drive and expect it to work after a century or two. The technology to run them might get obsolete in a decade or two. You still might have data on your floppy disk but where would you run it? If you keep your data in soft copies there would always be version problems in the future to retrieve them back. I still have audio and video cassettes but no player available to play them. Things written on paper would be saved forever and the information could be deciphered without any hassle.

I might sound old schooled but they are the facts. Feel free to counter my opinions or add some more helpful points.

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