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Simplify Your Life

The first question that might arise in your mind is why to have a simple life when everybody is running after something or the other. Why should you stop? Why is it necessary to live a simple life? There are myriad similar questions that might pop up into your mind. You are living in a materialistic world. You are constantly racing against each other. You want more and better than the people around you that’s why you are pushing yourself to the limit. You are constantly afraid to lag behind the others. Your life is governed by your external environment.

If you keep on living like this you are never going to be happy and contented in the long run. For sure you’ll feel happy after achieving your goal but that happiness would be ephimeral. Once you achieve something materialistic you’ll get fed up with it and will desire to have something more or better and that’s how the process will start all over and you’ll start suffering again.

Did you ever imagine why children are happier and more cheerful than the elders? It is because they are simple at heart. They are not greedy and jealous. They get happiness in simple things. It is us, the adults, who make them like us. We instil our insecurities, fear and all the malice we could think of in them. So when they grow up they end up being like us.

Why can’t we just live like kids? Is there anything shameful being simple and plain at heart? Our chaotic environment is degrading our physical and mental health. We are living in a constantly stressful state. This stress is because of the things, people and desires we have in our life. The more they are the more we are disappointed because ours is always less than the others. Clear your mind of unnecessary people and stuffs. Instead give place to only valuable people and valuable things in your life. Filter the people and things out of your life ruthlessly. Things and people who really matter are only a handful in most of the cases.

Do things which are important, which are relaxing, which creates some values. Your time and energy is limited so it is upto you how you spend it. If you spend it wisely and efficiently you’ll never have regrets. You are born with a purpose to fulfill. Don’t listen to the advice of others if it makes you one like them. We are not here to follow a trend but to create our own path. Lesser the people in your life lesser the drama. Lesser the things in your life lesser the stress. It is as simple as that. Learn to embrace your life and keep working on yourself to make yourself better than what you were yesterday. Keep pushing yourself in order to achieve your greater self.

Let me know some more valuable points in favor of a simple life.

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