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Why Is It Tough To Be Self Disciplined

Discipline is no doubt a virtue but to develop it for yourself is really onerous especially if you were a brat your whole past life. With self discipline every feat is achievable and we all know its importance but developing it for a long run is one of the most difficult job.

Why this is so difficult is because we try to develop this after growing up. Had it been developed in the childhood it wouldn’t be so tough. Now that our brains are already wired it is not so easy to unlearn the bad habits and replace them with the good ones. It requires a lot of efforts. Good things don’t come so easily.

Being self disciplined implies shunning of many of the things which are dear to us. It could be unhealthy foods, watching T.V for long hours, sleeping more than enough, procrastination of the tasks we don’t like to do, being inconsistent, etc. A lot of self discipline for a long time is needed to keep ourselves aloof from all the temptations.

Self discipline is not something you could develop overnight. A long run patience and self control can only help you develop it. Distraction is its greatest enemy. Once the momentum is broken it is easy to fall back to our bad habits. The best way to protect ourselves from the distractions is either eliminating them altogether or to reduce them to its lowest possible degree.

Self discipline gives a lot of pain and that’s the biggest reason why we don’t like to be disciplined. It is not joyful and requires us to be in pain constantly for a long time unless it is inculcated into our personality. It is human nature to avoid pain as much as possible. If you are willing to develop this you need to give up on your comfort zone and be brave and bold enough to face challenges. In order to do so you need to be highly motivated as well as committed.

The last piece of advice I could give is “Don’t give up”.

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