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The Constant Skirmish Between Heart & Brain

A few years ago I heard from a very successful person that a sentimental man can never be successful and in order to be successful you have to listen to your brain more than your heart. Years passed by and his words still echo in my mind every single day. As per his advice emotions make us weak while rationality raises us up. But without emotions how could we call ourselves human?

After deep contemplation I figured out that you can’t be on either side completely. You need to have a balance between the both. Though it is not easy to maintain the balance. In most cases brain is wiser than the heart. As per numerous studies it is found that rational people tend to be happier and more content than their emotional counterparts. As per the human nature it is relatively easier to be emotional. Rationality needs hard work. It requires a great deal of knowledge, work, perseverance, experience, patience and self discipline to be wise and rational. On the other hand being sentimental is how we humans are wired by default. We love to choose the easy ways. Most of us won’t mind extra hours of sleep or T.V. watching but extra hours of work would definitely irk us especially if they are unpaid. We love to perform the tasks we like which is indeed a trait of being impulsive. A rational being will do what is right for the moment rather than what he feels like.

Though the emotional people tend to have higher Emotional Quotient(EQ) which is believed to be more important than having a higher IQ. They are empath and understand human behaviour better. Such folks are good listeners, can become better friends and they are tend to love more and judge less. Emotions are basis of human relations. There are times when emotions are more powerful than logic. They can make us accomplish extraordinary feats. Strong emotions defy logic and make us able to do what could be considered as impossible. That’s how moms could lift cars to save their kids and differently abled people could conquer Mt. Everest. On the contrary when you are emotionally drained even the simplest of tasks become difficult. Losers and winners are decided on the basis of their emotional strength.

If you are an emotional being you’ll constantly need doses of motivation or else you’ll end up goofing up all your time in doing things you like. You can’t be motivated all the time. Nobody can rely solely on passion. Motivation and passion have their limited reservoir and it constantly needs to get recharged over and over. But when it comes to a levelheaded being he’ll perform his duties and predetermined tasks whether he feels like it or not. When your actions are governed by your mind rather than your impulses you are unstoppable.

Conclusively there is need to have a balance between the both but the rational side must be given more weight. Once you are accustomed to listening to your mind you become wiser, happier and more successful. Indeed it is painful to be disciplined but haven’t you heard ‘no pain no gain’? Anybody could perform well when they feel like doing it but such actions will never be consistent. In order to achieve long term results consistency is required which could only be provided by discipline not impulses.

Don’t be too rigid though. Remember you are a human not a machine.

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